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We are a family practice that builds long term relationships by providing excellent service with empathy and compassion.

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Providing World Class Dentistry in South Orange County

story of the “coral”

Coral is not a plant but a living animal. Its function is to house, feed and provide security to 90% of the fish in the ocean.  These tiny creatures are among the world’s greatest architects, and although they grow less than an inch per year, they ultimately become one of the largest structures on the planet. We take our mission statement seriously and understand that earning your trust takes time, empathy and compassion.  Over time, we hope to create the safe environment that you turn to for all of your dental needs.

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We are proud to offer state of the art dentistry in both of our office locations. Our dentists are seasoned professionals and well versed in everything general dentistry has to offer. If you are looking for a family dentist, a cosmetic dentist, teeth cleaning or you just want to bleach your teeth; we can do it all in a warm relaxed and clean environment.