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We are always happy to welcome new patients to our practice. Call us @ 949.831.4655, today to get a convenient appointment.

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flexible plastic tongue scraperTongue Scrapers

Price: $3.00

Tongue Scrapers - Rippled edge design in a flexible, plastic strip that fold into a "U" shape. Easy to use, compact and perfect for travel.


metal tongue scraperMetal Tongue Cleaner from Omni

Price: $15.00



Oxyfresh mouth rinse kitOxyfresh Total Home Care Kit

Price: $40.00

Oxyfresh Total Home Care Kit - For those who want a safe, long-term dental home care maintenance program. For those who want safe and effective breath control and want to support any cosmetic dentistry. Home Care Kit includes: Oxyfresh Patented Zinc Mouth rinse with Fresh Mint (16 oz.); Oxyfresh Fluoride Toothpaste (5 oz.); Oxyfresh Dental Gel - Oxidizing Formula (1 oz.) Oxyfresh Oolitt Tongue Scraper; Oxyfresh Fresh Breath Mints (50 mints); Oral Health Brochure; Instructions for Home Use.


Oxyfresh mouth rinseOxyfresh Fresh Mint Mouth Rinse

Price: $20.00

Oxyfresh Fresh Mint Mouth rinse contains Oxygen (stabilized chlorine dioxide), the One-Minute Solution. Rinsing vigorously for just one minute helps to oxidize volatile sulfur compounds (VSCs). leaving your breath fresh and odor-free. Alcohol-free, non-staining, non-toxic and safe for every member of the family.

Nite White Tooth whitening refillBleaching Refill Kit

Price: $45.00

Keep whitening with Nite-White Refills - Enhance or refresh the whitening power of Nite-White.



Omni fluoride for kids

Omnii Just For Kids Fluoride Gel

Price: $10.00

Omnii Just For Kids 0.4% Stannous Fluoride Brush on Gel has been shown to effective decay preventive home-use gel when used as directed in a concentration applied program of oral hygiene and regular professional care. Easy to use toothbrush applied fluoride.



Perio Med fluorideOmnii Perio Med Fluoride Rinse

Price: $20.00

Omnii Perio Med - Effectively prevents decay, inhabits plaque and desensitizes. Used as a rinse or with an irrigator; in Mint, Red berry and Cinnamon flavors.