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We are always happy to welcome new patients to our practice. Call us @ 949.831.4655, today to get a convenient appointment.

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Our Logo

Coral is not a plant but a living animal.  Its function is to house, feed and provide security to 90% of the fish in the ocean.

Corals are tiny creatures that are among the world’s greatest architects.  Coral reefs grow less than an inch per year yet ultimately become one of the largest structures on the planet.  Thus, our goal is to provide a safe haven to have dental work done in our office; and to do this takes time and builds up very slowly over the years.  Eventually we will become a solid, long lasting beautiful structure.  Get the Coral-ation??
Red Coral has been revered since early civilizations for its color, texture and luster.  Found in Tutkenhamens tomb, it is still considered a sacred element by many societies.

For the Chinese, red coral is a symbol of high social status and wealth as well as possessing calming and protective elements.




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